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Food: Easter Egg Sponge with Dulce de Leche Recipe

Words Louise Gigovic Photos Jacinta Moore | 17 April 2014

Alas we don’t know this problem, but for those that find themselves with a plethora of chocolate eggs or can’t face another one this Easter, this cake may just be your new best friend. You should probably make it a bracelet. (more…)

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Fashion: Merceded Benz Sydney Fashion Week Round Up

LILLI HAGAN | 16 April 2014

If you have been living, breathing and eating anywhere near the World Wide Web, then chances are you’d have caught a glimpse of fashion week. Here’s the Yen wrap up. (more…)

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Competitions: WIN A $500 NOM*D Wardrobe

Yen Magazine | 15 April 2014

We have a $500 NOM*D wardrobe up for grabs! nomnomnomnom (more…)

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Artery: #itouchmyself Breast Cancer Project

Ally Parker | 15 April 2014

Dig out the CD stash and prepare for the #itouchmyself project. (more…)

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Competitions: WIN a $100 FIMO Prize Pack

Yen Magazine | 14 April 2014

It’s time for FIMO boys and girls. Bat away those children, this is big-person craft. (more…)

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