5 Minutes with Two Door Cinema Club

Anne Fullerton | 17 August 2010

Alex from Two Door Cinema Club on the Irish music scene, bitchy London bands and cute kitties with laser beams.

How did you find Splendour in the Grass?
The festival was amazing. This was our first time in Australia and I didn’t know what to expect because we’ve never played anywhere this far away. But it was really cool, really kind of relaxed and it wasn’t too big. The show was amazing, so overall it was a really, really great experience.

Who were you excited to see yourselves?
Sam was really excited to see The Strokes, they’re one of his favourite bands of all time so he was really excited about that. We watched them and they were amazing. We saw Laura Marling as well, those were the only two I saw at Splendour.

What were doing the rest of the time?
Well… uh… a lot of drinking and talking to people. A few of our friends were up there as well, bands from back in the UK, so we were just catching up with people.

They put all the bands up in the same hotel, right?
Yeah they did. It was probably a bad idea.

Really? Tell us some tales of rock star debauchery…
Ah… no, I couldn’t possibly dish any dirt.

What do you miss when you’re on tour?
Well there’s the obvious family and friends. I haven’t seen my whole family since Christmas. I saw my brother at a festival this summer but that’s about it! I miss my own bed a lot. Although actually in Australia it’s been really good, we’ve had amazing beds in our hotels because we’re actually staying in nice hotels here. Usually it’s either a cheap hotel or our bed on the bus, which aren’t the most comfortable of beds.

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