Fashionable Flicks

Tammy Croucher | 22 December 2010 | 1 Comment

Five stylin’ films to get you and your wardrobe through the Christmas television lull.


This is mid-90s fashion porn. A pre-shoplifting Winona looks almost innocent and carefree in all these floral creations. The fresh-faced style with a touch of grunge perfectly reflects the ennui of the characters.  Quarter-life crises require simple attire, so whip out the Doc Martens and go with an unstructured look to match an unstructured lifestyle.


The plot revolves around a rare and uber expensive Egyptian earring Madge happens to come across while going through her latest conquest’s drawers as he sleeps. She rocks the antique jewel with loads of lace, red lipstick, a beyond amazing jacket (which allegedly belonged to Jimi Hendrix) and Madonna has never looked better! Said jacket was later traded in for some incredible boots in a thrift store.  Take a page out of the classic ’80s stylebook and mix expensive jewels, tacky lace and original thrift store finds for a one of a kind style.


Sofia Coppola directed this film so obviously it was going to be cool.  It was also going to be a difficult movie to style because the book by Jeffrey Eugenides has some serious devotees. Ms Coppola nailed the attire of the Lisbon sisters –  maxi dresses, billowy sleeves and paisley print capture the basic vibe, while little trackie shorts in retro colours work that ‘70s cheese.  If this flick doesn’t make you want to wear flares I don’t know what will.


The costumes in this masterpiece of the silver screen were safe in the hands of Beatrix Pasztor, who also worked her magic in Vanity Fair and Good Will Hunting. Crisp, monochrome pieces were carefully chosen from heavyweights like Balenciaga, YSL and Prada. It’s all about understated sexiness and expensive tailoring. For me, this is a movie about accessories. Gloves, hats and dark glasses worn all at once. The cherry on the proverbial cake is the classic fur coat, faux of course.


It’s back to ‘70s style and there’s only one way to describe it: groovy. But not in the Austin Powers sense of the word. These hip young things have thrown together some achingly cool threads – unbuttoned shirts tucked into bell bottoms for guys and cut-off denim shorts, tube tops and cork heeled wedges for the girls. The biggest draw card? Vintage running kicks. These kids were so cool and they didn’t even know it… or were too high to notice.

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