5 Minutes with Bethany Cosentino

Annie | 7 March 2011

You asked, she answered. Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino on paper cuts, cat-sitting and James Franco.

1. How has your day been and what have you done so far?

My day has been great. We played an in-store at Polyester Records in Melbourne and now we are at the East Brunswick Club for our show tonight. I walked around the area the bit and did some shopping and ate some gelato!

2. If you could only sing about one thing for a whole year what would it be?

James Franco.

3. Apart from Wavves, who are your favourite bands?

ELO, Fleetwood Mac and Loretta Lynn are all I’ve been listening to lately.

4. Who looks after Snacks and Chloe when you’re on tour?

Well Chloe moved to Nebraska to live with my mom, and snacks is watched by my friend Raul.

5. What five things do you always take with you on tour and why?

My computer: so I can stay in touch with the outside world.
Seinfeld on DVD: so I always have something to watch.
Chapstick: I always bring at least like four different kinds in case I lose one. My lips get so chapped from all the flying.
Body wash: hotel soap is the absolute worst.
Sunglasses: doesn’t matter where I am, even if it’s not sunny, I am always wearing sunglasses.

6. Would you rather be stung by a bee or get lemon juice in a paper cut?

Lemon juice because I am allergic to bee stings.

7. Any new bands you think we need to check out?

Spectrals from the UK – they’re amazing.

8. Anything in particular you’re looking forward to doing in Australia?

Hopefully getting to see a koala.

9. Where are your favourite places to shop?

Opening Ceremony, ASOS, Barneys co-op.

10. What ideas have you got brewing for the next Best Coast album?

Lots of ideas! I don’t wanna give them all away. :)

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