Owl Eyes

Mel Bampton | 21 March 2011 | 2 Comments

For the past two years Brooke Addamo, better known as Owl Eyes, has been taking the time to “find out what comes naturally”. Though she’s always been a singer, fine-tuning her songwriting skills has meant picking the brains of other musicians, which is exactly how she found Jan Skubiszewski (try saying that with a mouth full of fairy floss). The duo recorded five beautiful tracks together on an EP called Faces, but more importantly, their meeting provided the safety net that has given Owl Eyes the confidence to keep searching for her true creative self.

“When I sat down all that time ago with Jan, I said, ‘I want something really dream-esque, something pop but with a dark edge to it. Something with meaning behind it, to make you think’. And Jan really got that,” says Brooke.

Owl Eyes has certainly succeeded in evoking an unusually visual dreamscape. There is talk of paper planes, werewolves, dancing and fireflies. She wants to take you away for a little bit, and she does. “When I’m listening to music that I really like I can’t help but create visuals in my mind. When I lie in bed at night listening to my iPod there are little scenes being created behind my eyes. I suppose I was trying to create that experience for others.”

At 19 years of age, Brooke is already banging out film clips and planning her next move – one more EP before her debut album. In spite of this, she insists that she isn’t entirely immune from the odd bout of self-doubt. “Oh, I’m shocking,” she says. “Being a self-saboteur, I tend to be a perfectionist and judge everything I’m doing as I’m going along rather than just listening to it after and then thinking good or bad?” We have a sneaking suspicion the answer will be a resounding “good” and can’t wait to see what magical places she’ll take us to this year.

The Faces EP is out now. Owl Eyes will be playing live at Purple Sneakers Presents: Last Night. Friday 25 March, The Gaelic, 64 Devonshire St, Surry Hills NSW. $10 on the door.

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  • David

    Well hey Mel – so this is where you got to. Loyal Morning Show listener here – very happy to see you (well read you) again! I hope everything is brilliant for you!!

    As to Owl Eyes it seems the really talented new artists are the ones who DON’T make it through to the end of Australian Idol :)

  • Susie

    I love the EP! Gosh, I don’t know which song is the best… I love them all!