Andy Warhol Champagne

Anne Fullerton | 12 August 2010

Stick it to the fauxhemians and their pretentious red by busting out the bubbly at your next soirée. Dom Pérignon have teamed up with Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martin’s to create a limited edition bubbly inspired by the pop art superstar. The concept comes from one of Warhol’s 1981 diary entries, in which he allegedly wrote about a club of 20 guys who were buying 2000 bottles of Dom Pérignon to be kept until the year 2000. “The running joke is who will be around [to drink it] and who won’t,” Warhol wrote. Each bottle comes with a diary extract and packaging inspired by a pop sensibility. With anyone else it might seem like shameless exploitation, but for Andy Warhol it seems oddly fitting. Mmm, tastes like irony.

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