Beastie Boys Talk Hot Sauce Committee Part Two

Annie | 2 May 2011 | 1 Comment

“It’s like when you go up on the rollercoaster… We’re sort of like guys in the front that are throwing up and the people who are listening to us are like the people riding in the back of the rollercoaster.” No one can conjure an image quite like the Beastie Boys. Here they chat about the new album, keeping it real and the missing link between apes and humans.

What does the title of your new album “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two” mean?

Ad Rock: The title, we can’t actually tell you what it means. It is code for several different operative manoeuvres that we’re encountering at this particular time. All we can say at this particular time is that it’s hot and it is covering in terms of all encompassing. And we’re in charge of that.

Did you record two albums with the same title? Why does the new record have the add-on Part Two?

Ad Rock:  “Hot Sauce Committee Part One”, when recording it, we recorded a lot of songs. And so when we started putting the arrangements together of how the songs would go on “Hot Sauce Committee Part One” there was a few too many songs and so we decided what we would do is to put out two records and we’ll take the weirdest of the songs and move them to the right side and make more weird songs and that will be Part Two to our Part One… the weird stuff.

What’s the new record about?

MCA: I would say this album is sort of an adventure and it’s an excursion. Earlier we were talking about that in some ways it’s like a rollercoaster ride. And it’s like when you go up on the rollercoaster, Adam was pointing this out, and you just get to the top and you’re about to drop off and just boom, when you go down that first big hill that gives you all your speed then the person in the front row throws up, the throw up flies back into the people in the back. This…we’re sort of like guys in the front that are throwing up and the people who are listening to us are like the people riding in the back of the rollercoaster and I apologize for that right out of the gate. But that’s part of it and I think also that’s just kind of a visit to one of those amusement parks where you can see all the animal hanging out also, then you’ll be there with the headphones on listening and you’ll be like “Oh shit – that’s a lion over there“, then I see an elephant. Something like that maybe, I don’t know.

What parameters did you have when recording the album?

MCA: There were parameters in making this record and the basic parameters we came in with were to keep the songs short, keep it moving and not let’s get barked down in any like five minute jams… We wanted to keep it raw, we did our best to do by using shitty microphones (you can beep that out, can’t you?) and just generally tried not to let it be too clean which is a bit of work these days.

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