Emily Browning in Sleeping Beauty Trailer

Annie | 18 April 2011

Emily Browning stars as a uni student drawn into a creepy brothel in Julia Leigh’s directorial debut. Browning plays Lucy, whose rather disturbing niche involves getting drugged up in the ‘Sleeping Beauty chamber’ to indulge her clients’ fantasies. “She falls into this bizarre area of prostitution, where she is willingly drugged. It’s very, very heavy,” said Browning, who replaced Mia Wasikowska in the title role.

Novelist and first-time director Leigh, hadn’t made so much as a short film before Sleeping Beauty, but that hasn’t stopped it being selected as part of the line-up at Cannes. With a beautiful but rather rather unsettling vibe, it should prove to be the final nail in Violet Baudelaire’s coffin.


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