Girl Walk // All Day

Anna Sutton | 21 March 2012

What began as a viral video of a girl dancing on the Staten Island Ferry is now a riotously joyous odyssey in the form of a 71-minute feature length music clip.

By pairing the tale of a girl who dances across the city with a genre-defying soundtrack by mash-up producer Girl Talk, Director Jacob Krupnick has created an exuberant ode to self-expression and New York City.

Girl Walk//All Day stars Anne Marsen as a rebellious dancer who, possessed with the spirit of freedom, busts out from ballet class and unleashes her killer moves in public. She is joined along the way by Daisuke Omiya, a rhythmically endowed tap dancer, and John Doyle, who carves up the concrete with body-popping robot moves. They sing the body electric as they dance through the subways, parks, department stores, bridges, markets and outdoor parades that define NYC’s character.

There’s tapping atop the Wall Street Bull, pole dancing on the L-train and a high intensity chase scene involving a mugger who wields parkour dance moves. Girl Walk is an evocation of the city as a stage; every frame brims with life and movement. Private compulsions are put on public display in this go-getting celebration of optimism.

It also puts you in the mood to party, and the Girl Walk Team are currently doing just that: taking the good times with them across the USA with a series of event-specific screenings, Q&As and dance parties.

The film and the album are subject to licensing issues, meaning Girl Walk//All Day will probably not have widespread distribution. You can watch the film and download the album online. Not only that, but you can also request a screening event in your area.

Melbourne residents can see the film at Speakeasy Cinema at The Richmond Weekender on March 31.

Official Trailer: Girl Walk // All Day from Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo.

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