Julia Stone solo debut

Anne Fullerton | 10 September 2010

For people who make such lovely mellow music, Angus and Julia Stone invite the kind of fevered devotion more typical of Black Flag fans. All you Julia junkies can rejoice, because your next hit has arrived. The lady half of the duo has dropped her solo debut, The Memory Machine, a darker, slightly spookier version of the Stone sound. Written while they were based in New York in 2008, she told Triple J the album was inspired by horror movies. “I’ve always had a bit of an issue with horror movies. I watch them but almost to kind of make myself suffer. I find it really traumatic and I end up holding on to the visuals from the films for many years. And I’ve had this kind of inner battle with horror movies, like why do we make them? Why do we watch them? What’s the purpose behind a horror movie? Perhaps that’s why it came in to the record.” Fittingly, the album art (by Caroline Pedler) has an old-school Ed Wood vibe.

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