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Tom Rawle, Gus Gardiner and Tom Myers from Papa Vs. Pretty on their upcoming record, sourcing album art on Facebook and  tales from the road.

How is ‘United In Isolation’ different from your other EPs?

TM: It’s more of an evolution from those EPs. It’s us just finding that sound.

TR: After we did our first couple of tours, we’d just finished school and we’d do shows with brass sections and keyboards everywhere and all this crazy stuff. Then we realised we were going to have to go on the road with just our guitars and drums. So we became much more fascinated with things that were melodically eccentric, with the album we added more by using less.

Tell us about your most recent tour with Last Dinosaurs.

TM: I’m going to call it right now and say that is the most enjoyable tour I’ve ever been on. Just because we’re the same ages, we both haven’t really grown up yet. It was just amazing. The catchphrases we came up with…

TR: Can you put colloquial language in Yen? Can you just put in “nah, nah, good on him you know?”

Sure thing… so you had met each other before then?

GG: We’d met very briefly. Me and Tom actually did a photo-shoot with the [Last Dinosaurs] underneath the stage of the Enmore Theatre while Foals were playing, which was a bit weird.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

TM: I’m actually listening to something new that our producer Paul McKersher introduced me to. This little band, a two- piece called Buke and Gass from America. They’re really tiny and I don’t know why, but they’re amazing. Such an original sound.

Any favourites off the album to perform live?

TM: What’s the loudest one? I like ‘One of the Animals’.

TR: Yeah I like ‘Animals’.

If you could be any musician, alive or dead, for a day who would you choose?

TM: John Bonham. He was probably one of the best rock drummers ever to have lived. To have that title for a day would be pretty awesome.

GG: I don’t know if I can pick between Jac Pastorius or Paul McCartney or Sting- all in one.

TM: It shall be called Staulpostorious.

TR: Hendrix, I reckon, that would be pretty cool for a day.

And your newest clip, what’s the story behind that?

GG: It ties in with the artwork of the album…

TR: I added this painter, Dirk Larsen on Facebook because I really liked his art, and he said we could use it for the cover. I thought it looked different to what’s fashionable now.

TM: Triangles. Triangles are very fashionable at the moment. I put it to you, go into a record store and find as many records as you can with triangles on it. You’ll see them everywhere!

What’s on the agenda? Any overseas plans?

TR: I think that’s in every band’s plans eventually.

TM: Hopefully it becomes more of a realistic plan next year… you’ve got to make sure your backyard, Australia, is all good first.

United In Isolation is out May 27th.

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