Signed & Numbered Gallery

Anne Fullerton | 24 September 2010

If your idea of affordable decorating still consists of a few strategically placed road cones, a Cougar bourbon cut-out and a lone Seinfeld poster, then allow us to refer you to Signed & Numbered.While nice art can seem like little more than a pipedream for students (or indeed anyone working in the arts), thankfully galleries like this one are opening up. Signed & Numbered stock signed, numbered, limited edition prints in hardback sleeves, so it’s more of a casual record store situation, with casual record prices, than a fancy gallery. They have prints from peeps like TWOONE, Kelly Smith, Catherine Campbell and Miso and stock everything from sweet watercolours to street art. You can also purchase prints online.

Shop 4 / 155 Greville Street, Prahran, VIC or online here.

signed and numbered

By Kareena Zerefos

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