Toro Y Moi Album and Tour

Laura Bannister | 19 January 2011

Chaz Bundick has sure been busy lately.

Not only has the South-Carolina born and bred youngster been riding the glo-fi waves of success (pun intended) of his bedroom project Toro Y Moi, but he is due to release a second, Under the Pine, on 22 February.  It couldn’t have been easy asserting himself as a player in the chill-wave game, almost six months after the surge of acidic, mumbly lo-fi from the likes of Neon Indian and Washed Out pulsated through our speakers for what seemed like a whole summer. But Bundick’s complex tunes have stood their ground. If the first single off Under the Pine is anything to go by, his sound is continuing to develop, seamlessly weaving elements of unprocessed funk into the fray. You can check it out here.

If you managed to score tix to the Playground Weekender, you are in for a synth-pop treat. If not, you can still catch Bundick at his February sideshows in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

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