Underground Cinema

Hannah Sinclair | 10 March 2011

If you’re yearning for a movie experience that is out of this world, quite literally, join forces with your fellow cinematic comrades and hit up the Under Ground Cinema. Held in secret locations across Melbourne, including car parks and old warehouses, the themed events kick the mediocrity out of ‘going to the movies.’ For those inclined to pre-planning be warned, the location isn’t known until three days before and you won’t know what’s playing until the opening credits role ­– all part of the UGC’s charm.

Dates: Friday 18th March & Saturday 19th March
Time: 8:00pm and 8:30 respectively
Location: To be revealed three days before
Theme: Future
Cost: $35
Dress: Timetraveller
Bring: An item from your time travels
Genre: Arthouse

Tickets from  www.moshtix.com.au

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