Brett Whiteley’s Views of Sydney

Alex English | 24 February 2012

Head to Iain Dawson gallery for this awesome exhibition.

Brett Whiteley, for want of a better phrase, “made it”. And is apparently still making it and still selling it. But don’t be fooled, there are places where you can see Whiteley’s works and find comfort in knowing that they are the real deal.

Views of Sydney’ is an exhibition of Whiteley’s works held at the Iain Dawson gallery in Sydney. Whiteley claimed that the most fundamental reason people paint is in order to see, and it is clear from this collection of works on paper that Whiteley saw a poetic beauty in the Australian landscape and captured it in quick brushstrokes.

All paintings are from the ‘70s and ‘80s, the two decades when Whiteley relocated to Australia after travelling and painting all over the world. They show his ability to work with a wide range of subjects and translate them into his own vision that may or may not be understood by his audience (Untitled looks like tree stumps, but we can’t be sure).

After Whiteley’s death in 1992, his daughter Arkie bought his studio and has been running it as a studio museum ever since. If you haven’t been yet, we recommend paying a visit on your way to the exhibition. They run tours and workshops, but if you take a painting class, remember to be original. There was only one Brett Whiteley, and of course, there is only one you.

‘Views of Sydney’ runs until 3 March 2012.



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