Bright Ideas

Sarah Lakos | 28 September 2012

Everyone uses lightbulbs… but what to do with them once they’ve blown? Why not turn them into a little vase or greenhouse?

All you need is a blown bulb, pliers and wire!

Simply dismantle the metal casing around the end of the bulb, leaving an opening for your flowers. Secure a wire string around the top and voila! Hang from a windowsill or hook on the wall.

If you’ve got a bigger bulb, stick some rubber or plastic grips to the bottom of the bulb, so it can lay on its side. Fill with sand or earth and using tweezers, insert little plants. Obviously, be super careful when working with glass (goggles and gloves!) and avoid energy-efficient bulbs which contain mercury.

Head on over here for a detailed step-by-step guide.

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