Emily Isabella

Elise Pitt | 14 December 2011 | 1 Comment

Emily Isabella has always been a dreamer. As a child she loved nothing more than to wander her prairie and press flowers to her cheeks, pretending they were powder brushes.

Today, the American illustrator and textile designer still believes in the magic of life and spends her days creating all sorts of enchanted drawings. After a stint in manic Brooklyn, she is now back in the Minnesota countryside and has just finished a collection of kids wallpaper for boutique US brand Hygge & West.

“When I was living in New York, I was very inspired by all the diverse characters walking down the street or sitting on the subway. Now that I spend most of my time in a rural environment, I relish in the quiet, natural beauty around me”, she told Art Esprit recently.


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  • How fun to see Emily Isabella featured in your magazine!
    I’ve known Emily since she was a child and must say she comes by her great artistic talent rightly; having an entire family of talented artists surrounding her. She was always a joy to spend time with and always creating…pretty and delightful things, just like Emily herself. Thank you for noticing her! Cindy Lucarelli