Sharni Brear

Elise Pitt | 1 September 2011 | 1 Comment

Melbourne lass Sharni Brear likes to sit under fairylights in the AM hours of the morning and doodle bohemian goddesses.

Cleverly working with in a variety of mediums, from computer manipulated grey lead sketches to watercolour collages in her moleskine journal (which never leaves her side), it seems wondrously unfair that this talented gal is only eighteen!

She’s currently studying graphic design in the hope of becoming a world famous fashion illustrator and has recently named as one of the top 20 Finalists for the Rimmel Design a Tee competition. Well done Sharni!

Totter over to her blog or say you want to be her friend on Facebook.

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  • anna

    woah this girl is amazing