Tabitha Emma Patterson

Elise Pitt | 1 December 2011

Put the kettle on and meander through this Sydney lady’s playful and nostalgic artworks.

Bunnies in tea cups, typewriters with half written love letters and sweet-faced girls cuddling kittens; it’s cute overload at Tabitha Emma Patterson’s little corner of the world wide web.

The freelance designer and illustrator has her hand in a few different creative pies. Aside from doodling adorable illustrations, she also designs vintage inspired web graphics and whips up a range of gorgeous textile products including purses and tea cosies. Oh and she also has a “little” digital animation side project going on. Check out the video below.

The little lady is set to tie the knot in 2012. Make sure you hop over to her lovely wedding website and read the lovebirds’ story. Tabitha has saved the very first emails and texts Daniel sent, like this hilarious but endearing comment.

“Anyways my mother apparently said that I thought you were lovely which isn’t true, she misquoted me, I never said you were lovely at all. That would imply that I know you and I don’t really. My exact comment was that I thought you were beautiful…..”

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