Tali Gal-on

Elise Pitt | 18 August 2011

Writer, director, animator, and illustrator- Tali Gal-on is one busy lady!

The Melbourne creative loves being able to tell stories in a variety of mediums, and “there’s nothing better than a good story”, she says. Agreed!

We love her little story to go with this cute illustration she sent us called “The Chaperone”.

“Last year, I was hiking in a national park in California. I turned a corner around a giant boulder, and suddenly found myself face to face with a black bear. We both stood still for about a minute looking at each other. All the “bear aware” info I had read about what to do in this situation just disappeared in that moment. But it was the bear that ran away first (Luckily!). That chance meeting inspired this illustration, ‘The Chaperone’.”

You can buy her prints online here, read her lovable ramblings here, and see more of her work right over here.

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