First Look ‘Confessions’

Hannah Sinclair | 22 July 2011 | 3 Comments

Our exclusive first look at OH MERCY’s  video for their new single Confessions. This Melbourne outfit have gone from strength to strength this year, their latest album, Great Barrier Grief, delivering a string of easy-going, likable hits. OH MERCY’s main man, Alexander Gow is convincing as ever in his sincere delivery.

He says that Confessions was the first song to be recorded off the album: “The idea was to start with something simple. And that it was, that it is – a simple pop song about the complexities of cross continental romance. Note the instrumental section with the strange bird sounds,” he says.

Catch OH MERCY on tour this month and check out their blog here.

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  • lily

    He is! She is! And so are the other two. Just a totally babe lookin’ band.

  • Jemma

    Total babe. And Eliza – what a babe!

  • Louie

    Love Oh Mercy. Alexander is a babe!