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Alex English | 18 January 2012 | 5 Comments

Never has one activity been so fraught with delight and danger (we all know someone with a dairy-gluten-peanut-meat-chocolate allergy). But no matter what your gastronomical requirements may be, there’s a blog to satisfy it.

Next time you’re feeling rumbly in the tummy, check out some of our favourites…


101 Cookbooks

Heidi is Swanson has a penchant for delicious, natural food – this woman makes quinoa look and taste amazing, no easy feat! Besides recipes galore and beautiful photos, she covers everything from what food to take on aeroplanes, to how to make a great blood orange gin sparkler and what her favourite links of the month are.

Smitten Kitchen

This is comfort cooking at it’s best. You’ll find tried and tested recipes and instructions for pretty much everything here, including appetizers, Tex-Mex and all kinds of cakes. There’s even a ‘Surprise Me’ button to randomly generate a recipe for those days when you can’t make a decision.

Cupcake Project

The word ‘experimental’ when associated with food makes us just a tad nervous. But if you’re feeling adventurous, then you’ll dig this cupcake blog that has an impressive mix of savoury and sweet treats. Cucumber Martini Cupcake, anyone?

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