Guest Artist: Georgiana Paraschiv

IMAGE Georgiana Paraschiv WORDS Jana Roose | 6 December 2013

The way we imagine it, Georgiana Paraschiv stands in the middle of her paint-flecked studio in Bucharest, Romania, her hair is a bird’s nest of neglect and her brush moves so fast it’s nothing but a blur. The reality is probably more mild-mannered, a modern illustrator sitting at her computer – but it can’t be denied that Paraschiv is something of a mad scientist when it comes to patterns. We first fell in love with her Blueberries print, then went on to find she has a real penchant for fruit, making patterns out of figs, pomegranates, berries and pineapples to name a few. And for those who are vitamin averse, Paraschiv also deals in flora, puts her own spin on the classic polka dots and stripes, and produces beautiful abstract designs.

She’s on Society 6 which means you can buy her designs as art prints, mugs, stationery cards, plus phone cases to see out your 24-month contract in peace, tote bags for whatever heat you’re packing and our very favourite, pillows. Can never have enough pillows.

Have a look at her patterns here and head over to her website for inspiration and Society 6 page to own a slice of this action.

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