Interview with Hungry Kids of Hungary

Anne Fullerton | 16 September 2010

Hungry Kids of Hungary are living, touring proof that internet relationships aren’t just for geeks and perverts. We had a chat to Dean about transatlantic band formation, naked bike rides and the dreaded bed bug.

Fairly interesting name, fairly boring story. We spent about 8 months writing and recording before we did live shows. At the end of those months, when the first show was booked, we realised we needed a name and we didn’t have anything to put down. We decided to run with this suggestion from a friend of ours and never ended up changing it.

I’d known Ryan and Dan, our drummer and our bass player, since high school. Kane, our keyboard player and singer in the band, he and Ryan played together. Kane was living over in London for a little while. While he was there he was demoing songs in his flat and emailing them to Ryan. Ryan started forwarding them to me and asking if I was interested in getting involved in a band when Kane came back.

The songs were amazing. He was just in a tiny little flat in London doing them by himself. It’s really funny to listen to them now because you can tell he was being really quiet so that he didn’t upset the neighbours. He was virtually whispering. Once Kane was back we got together and started working on few songs and it snowballed from there.

I’d seen him play in the band that he and Ryan had together but I’d never spoken to him before that first rehearsal.

In think we’re still learning how to tour together. I’ve heard some horror stories but the worst thing that happens with us is we all get a bit cranky with each other, have a bit of a spat and then a couple of hours everything is cool again.

The four of us, if we’re spending an extended period of time away together, we go a little crazy. When you’re in a van for hours on end you mind starts to wander a bit. We have this sort of like a band code. If you’ve got a support band with you, they’ll catch you in these moments where you’re talking absolute rubbish. You have to try and explain yourself and it’s not always easy to do.

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