Jeremyville at The Galeries

Alex English | 1 June 2012

Jeremyville, the guy who told you to “tidy the desktop in your mind,” is displaying 20 of his 450 Community Service Announcements at Lane Four at The Galeries, Sydney.

The project was originally launched online and through street art in New York before being exhibited around the world. The idea behind the daily online project was to explore the complexities of being human in simple and straightforward ways. This is particularly apparent in this image of a severed hand.

Jeremyville handpicked the 20 announcements to be exhibited in Sydney, saying, “We all need time to reflect, contemplate, and enter into our own thoughts, like reading a haiku or listening to an acoustic guitar played by a campfire. I try to create this feeling of introspection and quietness during the noise of our day.”

The project started in 2010 and aimed to connect people and provide a moment of stillness in the rush of every day life. He draws six every evening and posts one each day to his Facebook page. You can also see them all here.

The exhibition opened 29 May and runs until 31 August at Lane Four, a pop up exhibition space curated by aMBUSH Gallery.

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