Leo Greenfield

Lisa Marie Corso | 10 May 2012

Melbourne-based illustrator Leo Greenfield is his camera, in a metamorphosis worthy of Kafka. So we have all seen street style blogs that capture intimidating good looks and fashion, but we doubt you’ve seen an incarnation quite like Leo’s. In his blog, The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelor, Leo documents daily street style through his trademark illustrations; drawing from memory what he has seen during the day. Get your fingers poised and ready to bookmark your soon-to-be favourite blog.

Can you tell us a little bit about the premise of your blog and what led you to become an illustrator?

I have always been obsessed with drawing and have always drawn things that impressed me, especially people I admired. I started drawing trends from the street as a way of collecting ideas and thinking about what I wanted to wear. I saw it as a step to becoming a designer, but instead became far more interested in the illustrative practice.

I started the blog in 2008 as a way of sharing these daily drawings. It has evolved over the years into a way of making social portraits of the places I visit, and last year got me invited to Paris Fashion Week.

What do you look for and what inspires your work?

I am inspired greatly by daily life and routine. There is always something to draw, so I always keep my eyes open. The simplest of moments can be full of marvel, or full of inspiring characters.

What advice do you have for budding illustrators?

Stick to your natural style and trust your instincts.

For daily two-dimensional street style updates visit Leo’s website leogreenfield.com.

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