Paris Wells Interview

Carla Efstratiou | 18 October 2010

Paris Wells has come a long way since her days as an underground folk singer in Melbourne.The platinum blonde singer songwriter has been busy wowing everyone from festival-goers to Justin Timberlake with her refreshing mix of blues and electro inspired music. Paris spoke to Yen about her inspiration, on-stage experiences and dreams for the future.

We heard that you headed to the US to write the new album, Various Small Fires. Did the foreign surroundings unleash a more creative side to your songwriting?

I think going overseas gives you headspace and it’s easier to reflect off things sometimes when you’re not bogged down by your day-to-day realities. I don’t think it’s necessarily inspiration, because I would say that my inspiration is probably about 95 per cent emotional inspiration.

Have you evolved  with the latest album?

Yeah definitely, I think it’s a very valid evolution. A lot of girls get the whole ‘she’s changed’ or ‘she’s gone electro’. It’s cool because I haven’t gotten any of that, I’ve had the response I was after which was ‘she’s obviously more informed and mature’. In a sense it’s still just as catchy, just as jumpy and just as manic. I was really given a chance to become better at my craft. I wasn’t working two jobs, a bazillion boys didn’t distract me, I just focused on the craft itself.

You initially worked in advertising before starting your music career. How was the transition between the two?

Going from the dark side to the light side gave me a compassionate understanding toward media and its agenda, and what’s required of it and how it works. I’ve met a lot of highly creative people who still don’t know what’s going on, four albums deep and they hate the media, and I feel really sorry for them because all it is, is a lack of understanding.

The main transition for me was going from a really structured life to something that’s really organic. There’s going to be a week sometimes where nothing comes through and you have to be prepared for those downtimes. That’s something these 9 to5 people would never understand.

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