Paris Wells Interview

Carla Efstratiou | 18 October 2010

What plans do you have to secure those big stadium dreams?

It’s just about going overseas and getting to the most amount of people that you can. I really believe that good albums translate and connect with everyone. My management and team taught me that good things spread.

You collaborated with Bliss N Eso, how are they to work with? You guys have such different musical styles.

They’re so funny. It’s great because they vibe as much as I vibe. I was in the studio for 9 hours and I don’t remember one second of it. It’s like when you go to a really good party and you don’t remember any of it. We performed at Sound Relief together, and they’re so pro. They can be so juvenile when you’re hanging out backstage but then when you get on stage… bang, you don’t have any fear that they don’t know what they’re doing. I can only strive to have my band as tight as them.

Dates for the Paris Wells Through and Through Tour below…

MON 1st NOV               Melbourne                              Hisense Arena
SAT 6th NOV                 Geelong                                   Bended Elbow
WED 24th NOV             Melbourne                              The Toff                      
SAT 27th NOV               Hepburn Springs                   The Palais
THUR 2nd DEC             Sydney                                      The Vanguard
THUR 9th DEC              Wollongong                           The Harp

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