Passion Pit Interview

Anne Fullerton | 6 August 2010

In an industry that thrives on disaffected cool, Passion Pit rose to popularity on a wave of pure sonic joy. A kaleidoscope of blissful pop hooks, unpredictable falsetto and a slightly unnerving children’s choir made their sophomore album Manners one of summer’s most upbeat soundtracks. Upon closer inspection however, the punchy synths cloak a darker subtext; and apparently the same goes for Michael Angelakos’s Buoyant performances. We caught up with frontman Michael and drummer Nate Donmoyer to talk hiding fights from the audience, creepy fans and the illicit beginning of their beautiful bromance.

Did you enjoy Splendour?
MA: Both of the two festivals we’ve been to here have been really great. I mean we had a really great audience, we had a lot of fun and we came off stage smiling.

And you got a naked fan in the crowd too.
MA: Yeah, we got the naked guy. We’ve had a couple of nakies. He was golden as well. He was a golden naked man. I called him out on it too. I was like, “Hey, keep it up!”

What’s the creepiest thing a fan has done?
ND: The craziest for me was a painting in Florida where they redid The Last Supper and replaced Jesus and the disciples with us. The girls who actually made the painting painted themselves into it too; we’re all sitting around eating a cat and bananas and in the background the apocalypse is happening. That’s probably the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.

MA: Yeah it was weird, they kept yelling “put it on stage!” and then I didn’t do it because it was really creepy. I mean you get weird stuff like that all the time; people telling you really personal family things you don’t want to hear about. People feel like they know you already, like you’re a friend. When you open yourself up musically or artistically in any way people they have this weird inkling to tell you really personal things and it’s made me feel really uncomfortable.

ND: After shows people will say, “Oh I lost my virginity to this song” and it’s like “Ugh, you’re 16 years old! Stop telling me this.”

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