Photo Essay: Issue 51

Bonita Silva | 1 August 2011

In Issue 51’s photo essay ‘The Ones to Watch’, we had far too many talented up and coming photographers to showcase. Jen Gotch was another favourite of ours, for her low-fi, romantic aesthetic.

Age: 39 Lives: Los Angeles, California

What was the first photo you ever took? And how long ago was that?
Although I can’t be sure, it was most likely a picture of my best friend dressed up as a dancer or super hero. We used to stage photo shoots at her house all of the time. I think I was probably nine.

What camera/s do you use?
My favourite is a Polaroid 680slr, but the film is very hard to get. My second favourite is the camera in my iPhone because I always have it with me. I also love the canon 5d and a 1955 Hasselblad that my husband bought me as a wedding present.

What’s your favourite thing to snap?
I worked as a food and prop stylist for 10 years so I love anything still life related. Probably food is my fave, but now that I have a dog he’s gaining momentum and may take over the top spot any day now.

What projects are you working on?
Most of my time is spent working on projects for my company, When I’m not working on related things I still like to create and shoot recipes, most recently using food that I am growing in my veggie garden.

What would be your dream job?
That is such a good question. I think creative director for a fashion line. It would bring together my love of photography, fashion, styling and branding.

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