Rachel Urquhart

Alex English | 20 August 2012 | 3 Comments

Rachel Urquhart’s (aka Dig Pony Gold) illustrations are an interesting paradox of “tough and vulnerable, cheap and spiritual, beautiful and relatable.” Her inspiration comes from those kinds of tattoos that are not done by tattoo artists, and she combines them with “religious markings, cigarettes, whisky, rock ‘n’ roll and lots of pattern-making gnarliness.”

Growing up on a farm gave her a “permanent preoccupation with nature.” Her collection of, and fascination with rocks, feathers, bones, plants, mushrooms, birds and animals began when she was a little lady and continues today even though she lives in Melbourne, far from her home on the Northern NSW coast. These days she’s a journalist and a self-taught illustrator, “scrawling on paper and ply” whenever she gets a chance.

You can see more of her work here, and this awesome video shows the creation of one of her illustrations as well as a pretty awesome wolf singlet and accessories combination.




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  • Anna Lloyd

    Really lovely. Great patterns, interesting style.

  • Jess W

    Really beautiful stuff Rach x :)

  • Ruby Dillon

    Very beautiful x