Annie | 4 February 2011

We asked photographer Kent Matthews to give us his top five tips for festival snapping…

1. Take the right equipment. A good compact camera is perfect. I love to shoot on film with my Yashica T4, but I also have a digital Lumix, which is waterproof and shock proof and perfect for the job. Then just pack enough batteries and cards.

2. Have a camera case that straps to you, that way you always have your camera on you, its safe and you know where it is. The best shot may come in the middle of the night on the way to the toilet.

3. Look for the non-obvious moments, photograph your friends or amusing details that tell the story. Don’t be one of those people who stand there in the crowd filming the stage. Be in the moment, enjoy the gig and if you want to see photos of people on stage then go on line when you get home. There are people up the front with big lenses who take great shots so why spend the whole gig watching a tiny screen shooting rubbish?

4. Go mad at sunset. Its dream light, everyone is well lubricated and everything looks beautiful, also don’t be scared to shoot into the sun and get some flare.

5. If you want to get arty then take a tripod and do a night mission with some long exposures.

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