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Annie | 11 July 2011 | 1 Comment

For our Photo Issue we sat down with some of our favourite up-and-coming photographers. As usual, there was way more talent than pages so we thought we’d share them with you here.

Name: Matt Newman. Age: 25. Lives: Melbourne.

What was the first photo you ever took?

I started back when I was 21, documenting what my friends got up to. The first photo I remember taking that meant anything to me was a picture of my friend at 3am giving a girl a piggyback out of a dark alley way near a nightclub. The light was good and I haven’t ever really liked to use a flash so I turned it off and took one shot. It turned out well and I decided that’s the way I wanted all my photos too look.

What camera do you use?

My Pentax MX that my dad gave me is my favourite camera to use which is a 35mm SLR. I also use my Canon 7D and recently bought a Canon AV-1 35mm SLR and a Yashica T4. I would love a Leica M9, that’s my dream camera. In other words, I have and want too many cameras.

What’s your favourite thing to snap?
I really love photographing people and big cities, I loved photographing New York City and the people there. I love to document the world around me, as cheesy as that sounds it’s really what has got me so amped on photography ever since I picked up a camera. I’m lucky I find myself in some really interesting situations with some really cool friends who let me shoot them no matter what!

What projects are you working on?
At the moment I’m working on an exhibition at the Brunswick Street Gallery here in Melbourne, which will be held in July. It’s a group show with nine other photographers. It’s my first exhibition so I’m pretty nervous but rexcited to see people’s opinion of my work. I also have a catalogue shoot for a friend’s clothing company called Ranz, which will be fun.

What would be your dream job?
That’s a tough one; I would love to work in the magazine industry, shooting articles and photos of fashion and music and culture. I’d love to exhibit my work in New York – that’s my ultimate dream, and that my favourite photographer Ari Marcopoulos would come to my exhibition.

More from Matt at To see the full photo essay pick up a copy of Yen Issue 51, on sale now.

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