The Radleys

Fiona Killackey | 30 July 2010

Just when you decide to switch off True Blood and swear off anything remotely associated with the vampire genre, along comes The UK’s (L)it boy Matt Haig. The latest offering from the man behind The Dead Fathers Club and The Possession of Mr Cave (both currently being made into films) is The Radleys, a captivating tale of what happens when we suppress our darkest desires. Set in a quiet English village, The Radleys tells the tale of teenage siblings Clara and Rowan who have grown up accustomed to being different. When Clara sinks her teeth into a classmate, the siblings’ parents reveal that they are vampires who acted against instinct to raise their children in a ‘normal’ way. Haig’s talent lies not in his ability to bring a new perspective to this popular genre, but in making you question your own moral compass.

The Radleys by Matt Haig
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