Unconventional portraiture

Bonita Silva | 15 August 2011

It takes a discerning and creative eye to see the full possibilities of uncommon objects or outdated methods in creating a fresh, distinctive artwork. The creators below have caught our attention for their unusual, beautiful take on portraiture. Pictured above is a hand-embroidered work by Daniel Kornrumpf, exceptionally suggestive of paint brushstrokes with that added homely feel for its crafty aesthetic.

The graphic architects behind Cube Works Studio utilise an object that has inflicted defeat upon many of its adversaries: the Rubiks Cube. Used in large quantities with various combinations, the Cube lends itself to creations reminiscent of pop art thanks to its set colours.

Photographer and printmaker Daniel Carrillo has been reviving an almost extinct mid-19th century process of the wet collodion method. With its sepia tones and compellingly expressive eyes, the result is a haunting, old-world, monochromatic marvel.

Atlases and maps have long been intricate and informative, but Matthew Cusick spotted their pastel hues and incorporated them into collages – a pure spectacle for its elaborate detail.

Ed Chapman is recognised for his ceramic mosaics of iconic figures, yet we were utterly transfixed by his mosaic composed of 5,000 guitar picks; a genius representation of the legendary Jimi Hedrix.

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