Wish you were here

Assorted artists | 16 July 2012

Four illustrators create a postcard for their dream destination.

it is friendly, welcoming and so beautiful. The architecture, the people, even ridiculous things like string, are beautiful. My favourite thing to do there is… wander through the Latin Quarter looking at shops and then snuggle into a squashy armchair at Retro Bar for a (best ever) hot chocolate (and maybe a Fudgey-Wudgey cookie) and a game of cards. It’s famous for… The Little Mermaid. But the best-kept secret is… burritos at Atlas (see below). Make sure you… get on a bus and a train to visit Arken and Louisiana, two very different but very epic art spaces just outside the city. Definitely worth a day trip. Shop at… Stilleben for beautiful objects and homewares, Henrik Vibskov for the coolest collections of clothes and the Lego shop. You can get Lego items you never even dreamed existed. Grab a bite to eat at… Atlas. I know it sounds strange, but their burrito with Asian salad is actually out of this world. Definitely buy… anything. It’s Copenhagen. Their bus tickets ooze style.

I love Wenatchee because… it’s a gorgeous mountain wilderness. My favourite thing to do there is… hike up to a mountain lake, eat a picnic and swim in the cold, clear water. It’s famous for…its Bavarian-themed city, Leavenworth. But the best-kept secret is… Sleeping Lady resort – locally sourced food and you can swim in pools that look like they’re cut from the mountain rock. Make sure you… take insect repellent and wear layers. The Northwest weather can be shifty. Shop at… Paprika. Grab a bite to eat at… Leavenworth Sausage Garten for locally cured meats and Leavenworth Brewery beers. Definitely buy… a National Forest recreation day pass if you want to park at trailheads!

I love Montana because… it’s a gorgeous retreat of a state where the ‘big sky’ views are ever-present. Even the drives between towns are often full of stunning beauty. My favourite thing to do there is… four-wheelin’ on dirt roads, floating the rivers and backyard barbecues. It’s famous for… big skies and a stellar national park. But the best-kept secret is… Bozeman’s Natural Hot Springs. Make sure you… take in as many sunsets as you can, ideally on cool summer evenings by a fire. Shop at… the 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar. Grab a bite to eat at… The Derby Steakhouse in Butte. Definitely buy… a piece of my art so I can afford more exotic vacations than Montana.

I love Rosarito because… it’s not that far from where I live but it feels like a different world. My favourite thing to do there is… surf and eat.  It’s famous for… Rosarito Beach Hotel. But the best-kept secret is… a wave. Make sure you… don’t drink the tap water. Shop at… any of the locally made furniture shops. Grab a bite to eat in… Puerto Nuevo. Definitely buy… some lobster.