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Yen Magazine | 22 August 2014 | 3 Comments

There are several ways to win glory and prizes. Sprinting 400 metres? Not interested. Pegging a shotput? No thanks. Inventing a cure for life-threatening diseases? You’re boring us! Sitting on your toosh, penning a short story? Hellooo and where do we sign?

Hundreds of creative folk responded when we launched the second Yen Short Story Competition earlier this year. Several months down the track, and a landslide of fiction later, we are holding an envelope with one winner and four runners-up names written inside. If Bradley Cooper here beside us would like to open it up and tell the world who the five entrant’s with the best writing chops are… Bradley?

Congratulations to this year’s short story winner, Danielle Binks with her piece ‘Church Bell Spoon’. This is a beautiful story centring on a science experiment carried out by a deaf school class, interlaced with a touching family story and fleeting references to the dark velvet ceiling of outer space. Danielle Binks has won herself a series of prizes worth over $3,000, and her story is published in Yen issue 71 on newsstands now – look for Kimbra on the cover.

The quality of writing this year was phenomenal and it was extremely difficult to narrow the rest of the stories down to just four runners-up, but for one reason or another – whether it was a sense of humour, a strong voice, a brilliant sense of rhythm, or a haunting topic – the following four writers stood out to the judges, and will have their stories published online over the next month, as well as receiving a collection of runners-up prizes.

Congratulations to the runners-up
Sophie Lambert with her story ‘Fran’
Claire Low with her story ‘The Competition’
India Poulton with her story ‘Cotton Wool’
Chloe Reeson with her story ‘Jonas’ Parents Still Have Sex’

These stories will be published on over the next four weeks, so come back every Friday to check in and read.

Thanks to all who entered and spent time writing their stories, we hope you will enter again next year. This is a very passionate project for us, and we love providing a platform for young writers to have their work read, or simply have a reason to write. We’re very humbled  by the amount of entries received and hope this is just the start of a long tradition of story writing amongst the Yen family.

A big thank you to all our prize donors for making this competition possible…
Kip & Co
General Pants Co.
Hobes Shoes
Penguin Books
Mr Sparrow
Gypsy Juice

One more hurrah for Danielle Binks and the four runners-up! See you in 2015 to do this all again.

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  • Congrats to Danielle and to the runners up. I’m sure your stories are phenominal!

  • Jasmin Searle

    Congratulations Danielle, can’t wait to read your story :)

  • Danielle

    Thank you and thank you for supporting emerging writers, Yen :)