Yoko Ono’s Tweets of Wisdom

Hannah Sinclair | 8 July 2011

Winter-blues gotcha? Let Yoko Ono’s Twitter feed guide you to a happier and hippy-er place. Never one to shy away from the mythical or imagined, her tweets have caught our attention lately. She’s got advice for every occasion, so keep these 142-character revelations close by.

When you’re feeling environmental…Yoko says:

“Imagine one day in a month where only bicycles & walking are allowed in the city as transportation. Make that 2 days, a week, a month.”

When you’re feeling sorry for yourself…Yoko says:

“Loneliness is equal to the radius of one’s awareness.”

When you’re feeling suspicious about that person on the bus…Yoko says:

“All people who come to us are angels in disguise carrying messages from The Universe.”

When you’re feeling bored…Yoko says:

“Fly out into Space. Listen to the music The Earth is making, The Planets are making, The Universes are making.”

Yoko Tweets

When you’re feeling like a materialistic slob…Yoko says:

“Carry what you can in both hands and walk. See if you you see where you are going.”

When you have a serious case of Monday-itis…Yoko says:

“The town is shining, sun, rain, or snow. We live in a beautiful universe. Enjoy the miracle you are part of.”

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