The Happy Socks Story

Annie Sebel | 2 November 2012 | 2 Comments

When Viktor Tell joined forces with Mikael Söderlindh, socks were never to be the same again. Banished were the banal and boring, instead this every day accessory was injected with colour and fun and Happy Socks was born. While in Sydney, we caught up with Viktor for a quick chat about it all.

Mikael and Viktor.

How did Happy Socks come about? The name came first, a couple of my friends were all feeling a bit low on a Sunday afternoon and for some reason we all had put colorful socks on to brighten up the day and make us feel happier, hence the name Happy Socks. Then later on another Sunday I was hanging out with Mikael talking about all and nothing and of what we should do with our lives – move to Bali? Open a restaurant? Sell some socks? Mikael jumped on the socks idea, so many feet in the world – this must work! Six weeks later we had a company and 60,000 pairs of socks on their way!

How did you meet Mikael? We met through friends many years back.

Have you always been a sock lover? Always! I used to buy colourful ones when I could find them, which at the time wasn’t that easy.

Why socks? Why not?

Where do you get the inspiration for the designs? I do a lot of travelling and it’s from the everything and nothing that happens around me when out and about, that sticks and then later comes out as patterns or colour combinations on little bits of cotton.

What has been the biggest hurdle in setting up the company? Being available in 50 markets at the same time is sometimes a bit complicated… someone is always awake and ready to talk socks!

What has been the most satisfying moment? Many moments but once we were in Tokyo at a store opening and Yoko Ono and some other Hollywood celebs were milling around and there in the middle we stood with a glass of champagne in our hands thinking – we work with socks..

Which pair is your favorite? They are all my babies, but dots get a bit more love then the others.

What’s next for Happy Socks? Everything!

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