Susie Bubble for Portable

Alex English | 30 April 2012

Susie Lau is one of those people who is really making the most of being a member of Gen Y. She doesn’t complain about advancing technology and the strange effects of the internet, she embraced them and then pioneered the fashion blogging revolution. Her site, Style Bubble, launched in 2006, and since then she has proven to be a leading voice in fashion worldwide.

Portable Australia is presenting an exclusive talk with Susie. She will explore what fashion means in 2012, give advice to fashion designers and retailers in regards to working with online publishers, and she’ll also talk about the challenges publishers face in this crazy, mixed up, social media (world wide) web we’re in.

That should suit anyone who works in fashion, retail, publishing, public relations, likes the internet, wears clothes, and/or lives in Australia. There will be drinks after the talk, so it should also suit anyone who likes drinks.

Tickets are on sale now for the following locations:

Brisbane, Friday 27th of April, The Edge, State Library of Queensland, 3pm-5pm
Sydney, Thursday 3rd of May, Dendy Opera Quays, Circular Quay, 4pm-4pm.
Melbourne, Friday 4th of May, The Australian Centre of the Moving Image, Federation Square, 3-5pm

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