Young Hearts Shoot

PHOTOS: Marisa Chafetz. FASHION: Helen Rendell. | 18 July 2014 | 1 Comment

Usually behind the camera, photographers and roomies, Olivia Bee and Andrew Lyman stepped in front of the lens for this adorable shoot by Marisa Chafetz. Shot in Bee and Lyman’s Bushwick loft, Chafetz wanted to capture “Olivia and Andrew as individuals because they are both really talented and interesting people. I also wanted to capture their relationship, they love each other very much but in a platonic way. Both of them really inspire me. I also wanted to capture the general essence of many of the artists I know and am friends with in New York. I love how many of my artist friends feel so deeply and experience everything so fully. Andrew and Olivia exemplify that perfectly. They both wear their heart on their sleeve.”

PHOTOS: Marisa Chafetz @marischafetz
FASHION: Helen Rendell
ROOMIES: Olivia Bee @oliviab33 and Andrew Lyman @andrewlymanflower

Bee: Sloan & Tate at Brooklyn Fox bra and underwear. Andrew: Stylist’s shirt. Andrew’s underwear.




Andrew: Cheap Monday shirt.




Andrew: Cheap Monday shirt and Ulihu underwear. Olivia: Stylist’s own shirt and Something Wicked at Brooklyn Fox underwear.

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  • ann chafetz

    Marisa u did it again we as viewers always admire the feelings of your photos! You did Olivia & Andrew proud & yourself of course! Luv, NANA!