Yen Artery

Artery: Unlikely Instagram Loves

Liz Scarf | 2 September 2015

Three great Instagram accounts from a little left of field. (more…)

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Artery: Homewares + Recipes + Wheels

Photographer, stylist + recipes Sarah Coates. Production Diana Campbell | 31 August 2015
Homewares + Recipes + Wheels

Traditional high tea can have its moments; finger sandwiches and a scone go alright but Sarah Coates, from blog The Sugar Hit, thought it was high time that high tea got a shake up. This is a high tea with a difference. (more…)

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Photo of the Day: Young & Free

Simona Razmoska | 28 August 2015

Instagram @simonarphotography (more…)

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Artery: Friday Fiction – The Ripple

Story by Kavita Bedford Photo by Al Kalyk | 28 August 2015

This weekā€™s read comes courtesy of our Yen Short Story Prize finalist Kavita Bedford. It’s a beautiful and atmospheric story about the haze of youth, the universal feeling of being on one’s own, and how to put this: punching bongs in Glebe.


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Artery: ‘A Parallel Vision’ Exhibition

Liz Scarf | 27 August 2015
'A Parallel Vision' Exhibition

We talk shop with Nadia HernĆ”ndezĀ and Chrissie Abbott, the girls behind the technicolour dream that is about to hit Melbourne’s Corner Gallery.

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Artery: Friday Fiction – The Big Merino

Words Liz Allan Images Chris Round & Maz Dixon | 21 August 2015

Push reality to the side and embrace some Friday fiction. Presenting the first of our runners-up from the 2015 Yen Short Story Prize, here is Liz Allan with her story ā€˜The Big Merinoā€™. (more…)

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Artery: Haptic Lab

Liz Scarf | 19 August 2015

Wrap yourself up in your favourite places on Earth with hand-stitched map quilts.

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Photo of the Day: Hazy Summer

Greta Wolzak | 18 August 2015

Walking along the Dutch dike mid-afternoon – warm sun and endless skies.

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