Yen Artery

Artery: Nude Modelling – Out of My Comfort Zone (Part 2)

Words Louisa Farrar | 6 May 2015

In part two, writer Louisa Farrar goes nude modelling.

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Photo of the Day: Dry

Lana Burford | 5 May 2015

Floreat Beach, WA (more…)

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Artery: Pip Lincolne’s Craft For The Soul

Yen Mag | 5 May 2015

Pip Lincolne, master of arts and crafts and all round guru to happiness, wrote a book and it is good. Damn good. (more…)

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Artery: It’s What Art Is

Liz Scarf | 5 May 2015
It's What Art Is

‘It’s you, it’s me, it’s her, it’s him, it’s everyone’. Isabella Moore schools us in all things art. (more…)

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Interviews: Bethany Cosentino

Imogen Llewellyn | 1 May 2015

Some people think true journalism is dead, but Bethany Cosentino just told us she once put sliced bread in her bass player’s shoes. (more…)

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Artery: Issue 76 Sneak Peek

YEN MAG | 30 April 2015

Yen’s homegrown issue is a big cheers to all things Aussie. (more…)

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Artery: Yen Short Story Prize

Yen Mag | 30 April 2015

Have a way with words? Good at telling a ripping yarn, or just really strong at, er, ripping yarn? Either way we want to hear from you as the Yen Short Story Prize launches in 2015, with this year’s theme being ‘ripple’. (more…)

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Artery: Meghan Maconochie’s pencil shaving art

Imogen Llewellyn | 29 April 2015

No longer are pencil shavings just for blowing in the eyes of your enemy. Meghan Maconochie will knock your socks off with her 365-day art challenge. (more…)

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