Yen Artery

Artery: Siren by Alpha Box & Dice

Imogen Llewellyn | 22 May 2015

Alpha Box & Dice are the LL Cool Js of wine and wine labelling, and for their latest drop Siren they linked arms with one of the original Mambo artists. (more…)

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Photo of the Day: Early Bird Gets It

Simona Razmoska | 22 May 2015

Instagram @simonarphotography (more…)

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Artery: Flight Facilities Photobomb Groovin’ the Moo

Liz Scarf | 21 May 2015

The boys from Flight Facilities go HAM photobombing the Groovin’ the Moo afterparty. (more…)

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Artery: 2015 Yen STAEDTLER Art Awards Finalists

Yen Mag | 18 May 2015
2015 Yen STAEDTLER Art Awards Finalists

Six judges sat at the round table and stared at over 600 beautiful entries. There were tears, laughs, heads a-nodding and a close call with a paper cut, but eventually we managed to narrow it down to just 20 talented finalists… (more…)

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Photo of the Day: The Mountains

Jessica May | 15 May 2015

We took a trip to the mountains. The air was so cool and thin… (more…)

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Artery: Emerging Writers’ Festival – Yen Program Picks

Liz Scarf | 15 May 2015

Put down your laptop, dust the Pringles crumbs from off your shirt and grace us with some pants because the Emerging Writers’ Festival is fast approaching. (more…)

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Artery: Out of My Comfort Zone (Part Three)

Words Selise McLaggan | 12 May 2015
Out of My Comfort Zone (Part Three)

In the third and final instalment, Selise McLaggan gets punched in the face. (more…)

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Photo of the Day: Howlin’ at the Tiny Moon

Aimee Catt | 11 May 2015

Twilight colours on 35mm film.

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