Yen Artery

Photo of the Day: LA

Ashley Louise Stanford | 30 August 2016

Venice Beach, 35mm.

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Artery: Guest Artist: Claire Oswalt

Yen Mag | 30 August 2016
Guest Artist: Claire Oswalt

The Austin artist on nightswimming, the collage process, and snake anatomy. (more…)

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Artery: Zen Out With Nature’s Most Mesmerising Fractals

Emily Swanson | 29 August 2016

Ease into the week ahead with the soothing symmetry of nature. (more…)

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Artery: Interview: Chalmers Pyjamas Founder Nicholas Chalmers

Annie Sebel | 26 August 2016
Interview: Chalmers Pyjamas Founder Nicholas Chalmers

It’s time to wave goodbye to that faded, stretched-out embarrassment you call your pyjama top and open your arms to Chalmers Pyjamas. (more…)

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Photo of the Day: Peace in the City

Sarah McLay | 25 August 2016

Taken from a tram on a crisp afternoon in

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Photo of the Day: essence

Olivia Shale | 25 August 2016

Just a pretty flower found in the garden.

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Artery: Creatives Favourite Things Part 4: Julia Ostro

Photos: Julia Ostro | 23 August 2016

Last in our series but by no means least is wiz behind the pans and the camera, Julia Ostro. (more…)

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Artery: Elizabeth Marruffo’s Love Spells For A Thief

Words: Lucy Shanahan | 23 August 2016

Heartbreaking, beautiful and funny, these spells cast over an anonymous thief will help you find the good in any situation.


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