Yen Artery

Photo of the Day: Blown Away

Benjamin Lasky | 21 October 2014


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Artery: Ivy Muse Plant Stands

Annie Sebel | 18 October 2014

Don’t ignore your succulents, no more giving the cold shoulder to your cacti and stop with the name calling of your fiddle leaf fig. (more…)

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Artery: Wixen Vintage Candles

Jana Roose | 17 October 2014
Wixen Vintage Candles

Love candles but think they’ve never had quite enough dog imagery before? Well, have we got the thing for you. (more…)

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Artery: The Papier-mache Queen

Annie Sebel | 16 October 2014

Papier-mache is a fickle beast. At the hands of mere mortals it turns into a ruse of badly wrapping half a balloon – happy birthday, Mum, an ugly bowl just for you – or the fateful experiment: what happens if I put this on my boob? Ouuuuch. (more…)

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Artery: Misschu Interview

Yen Magazine | 14 October 2014

The latest member to join the Yen Women Who Inspire Club is Nahji Chu, AKA misschu, AKA The Rice Paper Queen. Hardworking, intelligent, passionate about her beliefs and refugee matters, she’s built a food empire thanks to her seriously delicious bites. (more…)

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Artery: Grimes pens an essay for the new Rookie Yearbook

Words Jana Roose Photos Bec Lorrimer | 14 October 2014
Grimes pens an essay for the new Rookie Yearbook

Grimes has been lying low recently, and while we like the idea of her building another houseboat and living off potatoes for three weeks, in fact she’s been pretty, pretty busy. Excerpted from Rookie Yearbook Three, by way of Elle. (more…)

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Photo of the Day: Rainbow hollywood

Jonno Revanche | 9 October 2014

Some of Adelaide’s landmarks are a bit less known than some of the others – the sign in front of Hollywood Plaza is, nevertheless, pretty amazing and kind of hilarious.

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Artery: Yen Geckos Adventures Photo Awards Winner

Yen Magazine | 9 October 2014
Yen Geckos Adventures Photo Awards Winner

You guys didn’t make it easy but after much deliberation we’re pleased to announce the 2014 Yen Geckos Adventures Travel Photo Awards Winner, People’s Choice and some of our other favourites. (more…)

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