Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Julia Louis-Dreyfus Seinfeld, Elaine Benes, Elaine Benes cigar

Artery: Muse: Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Jana Roose | 19 September 2016

We love her, and she loves Jujyfruits. Give it up for the patron saint of comedy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. (more…)

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Arrested Development, Lucille Bluth, Lucille Arrested Development, Lucille Bluth Wink

Artery: Lucille Bluth Says “Everybody Is On Board” For Arrested Development Season 5

Emily Swanson | 13 September 2016

Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. (more…)

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VHS, Offtrack Outlet, Wes Anderson, Old Videos

Artery: Meet The Artist Giving Modern Films A VHS Makeover

Emily Swanson | 13 September 2016

Matthew Dix is just a guy, standing in front of a film, longing for the “beautifully shitty quality of a VHS”.

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DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, Kirsten Dunst, 1999. (c) New Line Cinema.

Artery: Poking Fun: The Best Mockumentaries

Rebecca Douglas | 6 September 2016

Ah, the mockumentary, the art of confusing fact and fiction and slapping it on film. (more…)

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Zoey Deutch

Artery: Zoey Deutch on Everybody Wants Some!!, the ‘80s and Famous Parents

Luke Goodsell | 5 September 2016

The star of Richard Linklater’s new movie Everybody Wants Some!! on finding her retro college spirit and her ’80s teen movie pedigree. (more…)

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Barb, Barb Stranger Things

Artery: Stranger Things Creators Promise “Justice For Barb” In Season 2

Emily Swanson | 22 August 2016

At long last we will have #JusticeForBarb. (more…)

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Jane Fonda

Artery: Muse: Jane Fonda

Athina Mallis | 20 August 2016

She’s Oscar-winning Hollywood royalty, the queen of the workout video, and a fierce activist who uses her star power to fight for her beliefs.


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Artery: Film Review: The Shallows

Lachlan Marks | 16 August 2016

The Shallows is a better than average panic-in-your-chair cinema experience that’s refreshingly grounded.

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