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Louise O’Neill’s ‘Asking For It’

Yen Mag | 14 September 2015

The cover line ‘What did she expect?’ is enough to make most women punch a hole in the wall, but this provocative story of sexual assault in the smartphone era deserves your patience, and will earn your admiration.


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Interview with Zoë Norton Lodge

Liz Scarf | 14 July 2015

We get almost sincere with the writer, presenter and professional over-achiever.

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Pip Lincolne’s Craft For The Soul

Yen Mag | 5 May 2015

Pip Lincolne, master of arts and crafts and all round guru to happiness, wrote a book and it is good. Damn good. (more…)

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Yen Short Story Prize

Yen Mag | 30 April 2015
Yen Short Story Prize

Have a way with words? Good at telling a ripping yarn, or just really strong at, er, ripping yarn? Either way we want to hear from you as the Yen Short Story Prize launches in 2015, with this year’s theme being ‘ripple’. (more…)

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101 Inspirations For Your Journey

Yen Mag | 13 April 2015

Meredith Gaston and her books are that little ray of sunshine that creeps through the curtains and tickles you gently awake. (more…)

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Green Smoothies By Fern Green

Words Steph Harrison Pics Morgan Ours | 26 February 2015

If you haven’t already caught wind, green smoothies are everything right now. EVERYTHING! Seriously, stop what you’re doing and get yourself a drink with more of a grassy hue. We’ll wait… (more…)

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Pen & Ink

Jana Roose | 3 February 2015

Whether you think of your skin as an evolving art space, or would rather let your face mole grow long tentacle hairs than ever get a tattoo, this illustrated book of tatts will give you lots of feels in both your heartstrings and your funnybone. (more…)

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Varia Karipoff | 2 October 2014

Diversity is the spice of life; young writers and artists who came together in Melbourne’s multicultural west-side bring it in Dialect, a nifty new publication of beautiful words and pictures. (more…)

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