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Varia Karipoff | 2 October 2014

Diversity is the spice of life; young writers and artists who came together in Melbourne’s multicultural west-side bring it in Dialect, a nifty new publication of beautiful words and pictures. (more…)

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Banned Books Week

Varia Karipoff | 25 September 2014

It’s Banned Books Week so we are celebrating our freedom to read. Taste it. Taste the liberation. Here are five rebellious reads for you to enjoy in all their smutty glory – oh sure scorteum fascinum sounds like a Harry Potter spell but trust us, it ain’t. (more…)

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Keep Your Day Job, It’s Ok

Varia Karipoff | 18 September 2014

Find comfort in the crappy jobs of the famous artists and writers that you admire. Natalya Balnova’s illustrated book, Day Job, is a little bit of assurance for every creative who ever nearly ran out of steam. (more…)

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Drawing with Scissors

Stephanie Harrison | 27 August 2014
Drawing with Scissors

Sure, we’d never condone running with scissors, but painting with them is fine by us. Just follow in the footsteps of legendary artist Henri Matisse. (more…)

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Granta Japan

Jana Roose | 3 July 2014

“Everyone knows this country and no one knows it. Here are twenty new Japans by its writers and artists, by residents and visitors and neighbours.” (more…)

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The Sixth Borough by Jonathan Safran Foer

Jana Roose | 8 June 2014

The Yen Short Story Competition is now open, so to get you inspired here is a brilliant story from American writer, Jonathan Safran Foer. (more…)

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AMAZING BABES by Eliza Sarlos

Words: Annie Sebel Illustrations: Grace Lee | 30 April 2014

Finally, a book that tips its hat to the dames who make this godforsaken world of ours a whole lot better. Eliza Sarlos will be speaking at the Emerging Writers Festival on 31 May. (more…)

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Kirsten Krauth Author Interview

Michael Adams | 16 January 2014

Looking for your next gripping read? We’ve found the answer. (more…)

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