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Artery: Vege Threads

Annie Sebel | 19 November 2014
Vege Threads

Better looking than broccoli in a sequined jumpsuit, cooler than a potato in a poncho – Vege Threads isn’t teeny clothing items for your crisper’s inhabitants but a range of sustainable and stylish everyday basics. (more…)

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Fashion: Down by the River

Yen Magazine | 18 November 2014

You felt the burn and now it’s time to reap the rewards. Wrangler’s Down by the River is an ode to Australian summers and a chance to flaunt your pins aka beach frankfurts. (more…)

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Fashion: Monday’s Model: Amy Jean

Photos Peter Ryle Styling Lauren Dietze | 17 November 2014

This Monday’s Model’s wishes she lived in The Sims, tolerates glue in her eyebrows, and has sewn a Christmas tea towel into a pair of shorts ie. she is a legend. (more…)

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Fashion: MAY the Label BTS Video

Yen Magazine | 6 November 2014

MAY the Label’s ‘Paradise’ collection hits stores this week, so we throw back with a behind the scenes lookbook video. (more…)

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Fashion: Good Manors

Photos Amber Byrne Mahoney | 5 November 2014

Wander the grounds of a medieval castle. (more…)

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Fashion: Snoop Dogg x Happy Socks

Jana Roose | 30 October 2014

Snoop-a-loop taps into his sensitive, artistic side for a collaboration with Happy Socks. (more…)

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Fashion: Radical Yes

Photos Marnie Hawson Words Jana Roose | 28 October 2014

Not many one year olds are sophisticated, supportive and in cahoots with artsy photographers, but Radical YES! footwear is a little different. This little company from Melbourne’s first words were “How you like me now?” (more…)

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Fashion: East Twenty-one

Photos: Chris and Jonathan Schoonover | 27 October 2014

Our favourite bros since Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, Chris and Jonathan Schoonover have put together a cutting-edge shoot with the lovely Giannina Oteto. (more…)

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