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Fashion: Snoop Dogg x Happy Socks

Jana Roose | 30 October 2014

Snoop-a-loop taps into his sensitive, artistic side for a collaboration with Happy Socks. (more…)

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Fashion: Radical Yes

Photos Marnie Hawson Words Jana Roose | 28 October 2014

Not many one year olds are sophisticated, supportive and in cahoots with artsy photographers, but Radical YES! footwear is a little different. This little company from Melbourne’s first words were “How you like me now?” (more…)

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Fashion: East Twenty-one

Photos: Chris and Jonathan Schoonover | 27 October 2014

Our favourite bros since Mark and Donnie Wahlberg, Chris and Jonathan Schoonover have put together a cutting-edge shoot with the lovely Giannina Oteto. (more…)

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Fashion: Opals, Let’s Never Fight Again

Jana Roose | 20 October 2014

Opals are in, bad attitude about opals is out. No longer considered tacky rocks for wealthy tourists, opals are sneaking their way into everyday jewellery and to those little stones we say: welcome. (more…)

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Artery: Ivy Muse Plant Stands

Annie Sebel | 18 October 2014

Don’t ignore your succulents, no more giving the cold shoulder to your cacti and stop with the name calling of your fiddle leaf fig. (more…)

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Fashion: Sidewalk Baby

Photos Franey Miller Styling Sam Bates | 13 October 2014
Sidewalk Baby

A day spent in Gowanus, Brooklyn via Dunkin Donuts. Franey Miller, Sam Bates and Brandee Brown head out to capture an urban adventure with labels like Kenzo, Alder NY and Rag & Bone. (more…)

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Artery: Swan Creative Pop-Up and Giveaway

Stephanie Harrison | 7 October 2014

Sweet designs, pop-up shops and jewellery giveaways. Don’t stop looking at us, swan. (more…)

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Fashion: The 2 Bandits Under African Skies

Jana Roose | 7 October 2014
The 2 Bandits Under African Skies

Mosey on up, partners – The 2 Bandits releases Under African Skies today, a stunning new collection of jewels that fuses boho seventies style with the southwestern roots of Texan designer Tamar Wider. (more…)

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