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Fashion: Ghostly Gets Generous

Jana Roose | 30 July 2014

Ain’t no party like a knitting party (hey, ho!). That’s the motto over at Ghostly HQ, where creative commander Jules Musgrove has decided to add knitted beanies to the range of hand-dyed goods. To celebrate winter, Ghostly is giving Yen readers an exclusive code for 20% off the cosy collection. (more…)

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Fashion: McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY

Photos Chris Schoonover | 29 July 2014
McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY

Confetti, tennis courts, rainbows and fizzy drink – this beautiful shoot featuring Giannina Antonette ramps up the fun side of sports. To the kiosk for Ovalteenies! (more…)

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Fashion: Up High, Down Low

Photos by Drew Wheeler | 22 July 2014

Elle Brittain is in this issue’s Tuff Nut shoot for Yen, so we were extra happy to see her pop up again in this playful and spirited black-and-white shoot by Drew Wheeler. (more…)

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Fashion: Young Hearts Shoot

PHOTOS: Marisa Chafetz. FASHION: Helen Rendell. | 18 July 2014
Young Hearts Shoot

Usually behind the camera, photographers and roomies, Olivia Bee and Andrew Lyman stepped in front of the lens for this adorable shoot by Marisa Chafetz. (more…)

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Fashion: Day Trippers

Photography & styling by Juliette Cassidy | 14 July 2014
Day Trippers

This shoot comes by way of LA, but you can forget low flying Maseratis, dining at The Palm and seeing Emilio Estevez, this is all about greasy engines, dirt in your boot tread and good, old fashioned ‘Merica. (more…)

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Fashion: Feet on the Ground Fashion Video

Yen Magazine | 11 July 2014
Feet on the Ground Fashion Video

Winter in the city with our model Sasha Valarino, from ‘Feet on the Ground’ in issue 70 of Yen. (more…)

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Fashion: My Girl’s a Tomboy

Styling by Suzannah Snow, Photography by Maggie Dylan | 9 July 2014

Yo-yo all the way to school, climb a tree, dominate the handball court, then flip Tazos until the bells ring. ThisĀ  shoot from Maggie Dylan and Suzannah Snow recalls memories of the days when girls were pretty much boys. (more…)

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Fashion: ASOS White

Jana Roose | 5 July 2014

This morning a shockwave went through the minimalist fashion community (don’t worry, no one changed their stoic facial expression). ASOS White was launched and, deep down on the inside, purists jumped for joy. (more…)

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