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Fashion: Turn Up The Colour: Ngaiire Fashion Shoot

Photos: Amanda de Simone Fashion: Melaine Knight | 29 September 2016

A killer voice matched with a thousand-watt smile, Ngaiire steps from behind the mic to front of the camera for this vibrant fashion shoot. (more…)

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Lena Dunham, Lena Lakai, Lakai sneakers, lena dunham sneakers, lena dunham shoes, cool sneakers, zumiez, lakai sneakers

Artery: Lena Dunham Steps Out With Quirky New Sneaker Collab

Emily Swanson | 28 September 2016

“I said, ‘Let’s design something that celebrates slightly off-beat women, adventure, and creativity’.” (more…)

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Beauty, Native Beauty, Makeup, Models, Plants, Native Plants, Natural Makeup

Beauty: Native Beauty Shoot

Photos: Peter Van Alphen | 27 September 2016

Embrace the earthy tones of our native flora for a light, au naturel look.

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Crocs, Christopher Kane, Christopher Kane Crocs

Fashion: Crocs Come Full Circle; Are Officially Runway Chic

Emily Swanson | 22 September 2016

And a quiet “Yippee!” from dags everywhere rang out across the land. (more…)

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Kaila Matthews & Ben Sullivan Yánsè Shoot

Fashion: Yánsè Shoot By Kaila Matthews & Ben Sullivan

Photos: Ben Sullivan. Fashion: Kaila Matthews. | 22 September 2016
Yánsè Shoot By Kaila Matthews & Ben Sullivan

Jump into the pastel Neapolitan dreams of this shoot. (more…)

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Eilika Meckbach, Eilika Yen, Eilika Yen Magazine

Beauty & fashion: Fashion Shoot: Eilika Meckbach

Photos: David Cohen de Lara. Fashion: Nicki Colbran | 16 September 2016

Extend that cool and carefree air of yours to your wardrobe with these pared-back looks in a muted palette. (more…)

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hair, hair tutorial, hairstyles

Beauty: Hair Shoot: Top It Off

Photos: James Tolich. Make-up: Isabella Schimid | 12 September 2016

Keep it fresh with five different styles for your face and your locks. (more…)

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Nicole Corbett, fashion, beauty

Fashion: The Laid-Back Look

Photography Nicole Corbett | Words Athina Mallis | 5 September 2016

Look chic on and off the couch.


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