Phebe Starr x Iceland’s Steed Lord

Yen Magazine | 5 February 2014 | 1 Comment

Present time! We have an exclusive free download for Phebe Starr’s new single ‘Tonight’, and are presenting her launch show at GoodGod Small Club, home of hot dogs and good music.

The Aussie songstress was first unearthed on Triple J, then picked up by the music media who brushed the sand off her bones like a palaeontologist and placed her in the limelight with her single ‘Jurassica‘, which was downloaded nearly 50,000 times in its first week. Now she’s basking in the attention once again with her latest single ‘Tonight’ which has just been given the remix treatment by Icelandic electro-house trio, Steed Lord. It’s a sensation tune, so we’re thrilled to be making it rain by giving away the MP3 for free download to all Yen readers.

Head along to the launch night at GoodGod Small Club on 22 March, 2014 to hear it live, as well as plenty of other tracks. We recommend getting there early and dining at The Dip, then log-rolling you and your full belly to the front of stage to see Starr in what will no doubt be a stunner outfit – she has a penchant for picking great threads and even teamed up with Emma Mulholland for her ‘Jurassica’ film clip.

Listen below and download ‘Tonight’ remix by Steed Lord for free here.

Phebe Starr – ‘Tonight’ Single Launch
Venue: GoodGod Small Club, Sydney
Date: Saturday 22nd March, 2014
Ticket Price: $10 + bf
On Sale: Wednesday 5th February ie. right now

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