The Sydney Writers’ Festival

Alex English | 4 May 2012

Annual events make time seem to go by so quickly. It’s May again, and that means it’s nearly time for the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

Everyone knows by now that hardly anything is private and some things are best left unsaid. Maybe one day humans will evolve to the point where the filter from the brain to the mouth will also extend to the fingers tapping on the keyboard.

Until then, there will be many, many debates surrounding what information should be made public, and what should remain private. It’s a very thin line, suspended in the air like a trapeze, bending in the middle with the weight of so many people trying to walk along it.

The Writers’ Festival is focusing on the idea of public vs. private, with heaps of talks from different authors who have some experience in that arena.

Four writers will read out excerpts from their Teen Diaries. As if the thought of just reading an old diary isn’t cringe-worthy enough, they’ll share their most private adolescent thoughts with a room full of strangers.

Then there’s Erotic Fan Fiction, which seems like the next logical step after teenager-hood into adult hood.

The Festival is pulling out the big guns, with Jeffrey Eugenides, author of The Virgin Suidices, Middlesex, and The Marriage Plot. His event is already sold out, but you can catch snap shots of him at this event, and also this one.

The event listing is huge, and there actually is something for everyone. We’ve taken the liberty of putting together this list for you. You’re welcome.

For the Designers:
60 Years of Australian Book Design
Zine Fair

For the Poets:
The Rumble

For the People Doin’ It For Themselves:

For the Vicariously Criminally Inclined:
Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know
Doin’ Crime

For the Generally Curious:
Why Get Married When You Could Be Happy?
Was Hiroshima Necessary?
The War on Drugs