Sean From Texas And His Minimalist Tattoos

Meet Sean Williams, the LA-based tattooist whose sense of humour is as black and sharp as the lines he draws.

Erin M Riley’s Selfie Weavings

Handwoven wool tapestries that tackle ideas around selfies, sexuality and porn one thread at a time.

Ander & The Rise Of The Selfie Stick

One photographer's mission to document the selfie stick in all its unfortunate glory around the world.

Terézia Krnáčová’s Embroidered Bread

Art and food are sandwiched together for a series that's anything but stale.

Staedtler Yen Art Award Winner Andy Mullens

Put your hands together and get to know this year’s winner, Andy Mullens.

Yumna Al-Arashi’s Yemen Photographic Series

Beauty, power, strength and ideals of femininity collide on a deserted road in this photographer’s work.

Guest Artist: Jenny Sharaf

Streams of paint and photographic prints collide in this San Francisco-based artist’s work.

Babak Ganjei’s ‘90s Sitcom Living Rooms

With nary a laugh track in sight, Babak Ganjei's hand-painted postcards are like cherished keepsakes for TV tragics.

Specialty Museums: The Heart And Soul Of Small-Town Australia

Simone Rosenbauer takes us on a tour of the country's small museums.