Yen #31

yenowner | 27 May 2010

International women’s day 08 is just around the corner and what a better time to reflect and celebrate the women in our lives or the women in the world, albeit strangers, who have put themselves in the firing line in order to save the lives of others, break through the glass ceiling and champion the rights of women worldwide.
Issue 31 of YEN is the “women who inspire” issue and it’s groaning at the spine with music, fashion and stories all in celebration of the fairer sex. As well of tales of inspirational women who have changed their world, issue 31 shows you how to change yours. We’ve put our YEN eco-girls to the test in “Turn Your Lights Down Low’; challenging them to alter the small things in life that are having a big impact on the environment. We also investigate how our thoughts and emotions impact on our physical well-being and how you can make yourself a better person from the inside out, when expert healer Inna Segal takes us through the art of “Emotional Healing”.
This issue is also a bumper fashion edition and fashion director Imogene Barron has gone out of her way to bring you the hottest looks to keep you warm in Winter 08. See for yourself in the dreamy “Lovers Lane” story as well as the crazy and beautiful “Where The Wild Roses Grow”.
Beauty is also going the way of the wild roses if the distinctly sylvan theme of some of our new favourite fragrances is anything to go by. Boasting notes of nut, wood and vetiver these scents are as light-as-air, as mysterious as a forest and make the earth just seem like a more beautiful place. Just like a women really.