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They’ve been supporting The Rubens and The Temper Trap this year and the only thing rising faster than their popularity is our bone… fondness for their sound. MT WARNING has been added to Triple J’s rotation and these guys also have a guest spot on the Winter Soundtrack CD we’ve put together for our next issue (out May 22), so keep your eyes and ears out.

The group started when filmmaker Taylor Steele saw musician Mikey Bee play a solo gig. Afterwards, Taylor approached Mikey and asked him a question that would creep most people out: “How would a song sound from a man sinking into the ocean?” But Mikey answered with a song washed with anticipation, determined lyrics, and denial – and since then the two have teamed up to answer more serial-killer questions with sonic poetry.

And the fact that the band is one part filmmaker certainly helps explain this:

Visuals are central to the unfolding story of their sound, and for their latest track ‘Forward Miles’ photographer Sybil Steele took hold of the creative reins.

Watch the video here and see below for some behind-the-scenes stills.
Photo Credit – KUNI TAKANAMI –

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